Erin’s approach to hat making is unique and personal. She works to understand the wide variety of fashion personalities and styles that are seen both on the runways, and on everyday women on the streets. She also examines the types of events and occasions where her clients hope to wear and enjoy their hats. She then creates each hat by hand using the highest quality materials available that turn into what many of her clients describe as works of art.

The Elegant Hattery is a product of Erin’s passion for finding that ever evolving, complimentary pairing of self-expression and fashion that help women look and feel their best. Her creations range from from Fascinators, to Party, Church, Spectator and Derby Day hats.

Erin is a wife and mother of three children living in a suburban community outside of Chicago, Illinois. When not involved with her custom hat making business and family life, Erin is dedicated to philanthropic efforts in her community.


In April, Erin was featured in an “Ask Steve” segment. She wanted tips from Steve on how to up her hat-making game, and Steve challenged her to make an entire collection of hats that he could auction off to benefit the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

Steve welcomed back ERIN, a mom with a talent for making one-of-a-kind derby hats, who was featured in an “Ask Steve” segment last month. Models showed off several of Erin’s creations, and Steve personally made the final hat in the collection, right there on tour stage! Full Video Available Shortly

Erin Donates Eight of Her One-of-A-Kind Creations
to Benefit the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation